Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back in the Tropics

Wow – it was great to step off the boat and revisit the First World. I completely lost the elastic imprint from my headlamp. Endless fresh water and unlimited electricity, was that real? Did I really sleep in rectangular beds with down comforters? Civility is a pleasant distraction when you live the life of a near barbarian. The recent niceties were highly appreciated and I give thanks to all who gave me a bed, couch, ride, meal. Someone told me that I’m an “advanced beach bum”. Yep, that’s about right. I guess I like that better than “global layabout” or “international ne’er-do-well”.

“Previously on Barraveigh”

I left San Diego Dec 1 of 2005 with Ryan and Colin. They have long since left for new adventures. Leg 1 got me to Panama City. Colin and Ryan both deserve standing ovations for their contributions to the effort.

The gear is expensive, the lifestyle isn’t. Theft is now built into the budget, and when it happens again I’ll try to be philosophical about it.

Leg 2 began 5 days ago when I returned to Barraveigh after 2 months traveling to Europe and the States. My English girlfriend Suzi turned in her police badge a few days ago and will be joining me on the 24th. Together we will provision Barraveigh and sail to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and then make the long crossing to French Polynesia. That could mean 30 days without even seeing land. We’ll end the year either in New Zealand or Australia. How’s that for a reality show!

Stay tuned.

Captain Bobby


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