Friday, September 8, 2006

Been A Long Time

Sorry it took me so long to make an entry. I'm alive and well and actually have some news to report. I’ve been hired to deliver a 47 foot sailboat from here to Seattle. Wow – that’s 5000 miles, uphill, and in bad weather. It pays well, she’s a fast boat and as captain I’ll get the best berth. The plan is to dash from here back to El Salvador, then Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego (I’ll anchor in Mariner’s Basin and all you locals will have to come party on the big boat. San Francisco, and leave her at her rich owners private mooring in his backyard in Seattle.

I’ll then fly back south and visit family and friends before flying back to Panama to move back onto Barraveigh. I haven’t told her about the other boat. She’s not going to like that.

I think I’ll be in SD around Halloween the first time, and then back again about 20 days later. I’m going to need some Beachcomber time with all my friends, a seared ahi tuna sandwich from The Liar’s Club, and no Spanish for the entire stay on that side of the border. Momma I’m coming home and we’re going to eat Reuben sandwiches for every meal.

Dave McGinn was just down here for a fun trip and Eric Farber will be here tomorrow.

Todo es tranquillo amigos

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