Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vuda Point Marina

I haven't been in a marina in exactly 2 years and 3 days. This is weird. Completely still, endless fresh water, endless electricity, and my neighboring boats are inches away. The sidewalk is the highway that all residents stroll and it’s maybe 5 feet from my open front hatch. It’s now impossible to talk about my fellow cruisers without being over heard. Pros & cons, right. 

Suzi and I added a new friend, Dan to the ship’s manifest and sailed the 24 hours from Savu to Vuda Pt. No wind, then too much wind. It was the obvious last voyage before wrapping up Barraveigh so she could sit in the slip while we rush off for more adventures. 

The plans have changed once again. We were planning to fly to Australia and rent a camper van for a couple weeks. Instead, we just accepted 2 paying crew positions on a gorgeous 72 foot 1.6 million dollar yacht going to Auckland in 2 days. The skipper is a friend of mine from Panama. Part of the compensation package is a free flight out of the country. I’ll fly back to Barraveigh and Suzi will fly on to Oz for her flight to England. I never wanted to sail to New Zealand in my own boat shorthanded, but in this thing with 7 crew members – sure! We’ll then rent a camper van and tour NZ for a couple weeks. Same thing, different country. Plus, we get paid and airfare is covered. I think I’ll fly to Australia sometime in Feb or March maybe. There is every chance this is going to be a wet and wild ride. The adventure continues! 

Crewman Bob

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