Monday, January 23, 2006

We’re anchored in Melaque which is across the bay from Barra De Navidad. It has a beach break that I will try this afternoon after we move the boat into the lagoon. Sand bars everywhere with detailed directions of how to not get stuck. Wish us luck.

Colin flew home yesterday to visit Ali and will catch up with us probably down around Acapulco. I sent home with him a bunch of warm clothes that I will never need from this lat south. It´s Miami hot by noon. Thank the heavens that the mozzies are nowhere around in this town.

I took a bus yesterday to a neighboring beach town and was so enthralled with the view out the window that I missed my stop and ended up going to the next inland village which was 45 minutes away. That was the end of the line for that bus, and the driver and I laughed our asses off when our eyes met. He knew exactly what happened. So I was stuck in this quaint little pueblo called Cichautlan (pronounced zee what lan) and I strolled around as the only gringo. Rich experience.

As an expert in mimicking accents (I actually have my masters degree in this very subject thank you very much Terry Allen) I have finally perfected the Mexican one. It consists of a long string of Ps, Bs, and Rs, with no gaps in between and if done correctly sounds much like a sputtering minibike with a clogged fuel filter. Give it a try. It’s much easier than the thesis I wrote on how to speak Cuban via the use of puppet mouth.

Back in Tenacatita I met an Aussie with the Danish name Soren and we took his van in search of surf. We found a great beach with large pounders. It was essentially a shore break but we were desperate. After substantial physical abuse we timed our exit and barely made the beach with boards intact. That was harrowing but not nearly as scary as the military road block search we went through earlier. Everyone knows I don’t smoke dope but nearly every Aussie does. I had just met the guy and had no idea if he was holding any or not. I can live in a confined small space. That’s exactly
what the boat is but what the hell was I going to use for a pillow while in prison? I’ll bet the Mexican issue pillow is probably pretty thin or lumpy, if you even get one at all.

They obviously didn’t find anything or this email would be a plea for cigarettes.

Ready for some random stats?

1. I’ve had 1 fresh water shower in 50 days
2. There is an inverse correlation between expectations of hygiene and
3. I spend less than $500 a month (when nothing breaks)
4. When there are no gringos around, I’m in the 80 percentile of height

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