Thursday, February 2, 2006

Humidity Bonnet

We spent the last 2 days surfing Nexpa. That place is it. Small waves this time of year but nicely formed and kind folks in the water with real infrastructure on the beach.

We are headed to Zihuatanejo (Zeewat) and will be there in about 15 hours.

New rules to live by:
1.) Don't let Ryan cut your hair in 15 knots of wind in a rolly anchorage (just kidding, he did fine)
2.) Always bring shoes. My feet are officially ravaged. All my fault.
3.) Canadians aren't so bad after all.

3 days ago Colin flew into PV and took the bus down to Penchilinguillo (we call it pinchegringo) The bus hit a truck and he was delayed by half a day. Some nice Canadians drove me all over the place looking for him (I didn't know his bus hit a truck and was delayed 12 hours). They asked if he had any way to communicate with us and I bitterly stated, "I guess a signal mirror" as a caustic joke. Hours later as we were miles away and pulling out of the bay some flashes caught Ryan's eye. Sure enough, someone was signaling us from the shore with a mirror. Later, on the beach, after we re anchored and I paddled in to give Colin a hug and collect him, the Canadian said, "good thing you made that joke about the signal mirror." They had taken his wife's gigantic vanity mirror from the bathroom and gone nuts with it.

We now have no reason to drink Nescafe ever again. Colin brought loads of Trader Joes Coffee. We also have some stuff we needed for the boat and a shark video! That should make swimming more exciting.

We have a new game also. It's called "Name the Injury". We show a wound and then the others have to remember what happened and where. It works well since we are almost always together and hence most likely witnessed the injury and since we are in the water 4 or 5 times a day nothing really heals.

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