Thursday, February 9, 2006

Peeling Panels

We attended a party tonight on another yacht. Big beautiful one too. Just Ryan and I, because Colin usually has his own agenda when it comes to social engagements and large parties. He is a virtual non participant in arenas such as that. Fine with me. He's good at everything else.

We've anchored with Jerry and his crew of 2 a few times now: Careyes, Barra de Navidad, Santiago and now Zeewat. He's 67 (feels more like mid 50's), a retired physician from SF and as likeable a man as you could ever wish for. I just want to help him, and smile at him, and ask him where he's going next. His crew is his nice cousin Libby, late 50's, couldn't tell a story to save her life, Manhattanite who loves movies. And Audry, 60ish widow with that shrill English accent (not the good kind) that makes you want to grind your teeth and crush puppies. If a chicken could speak it would sound like Audry. The two women only speak when the other is speaking, so . . . my head moves like I'm at a tennis match. Really uncomfortable, but man do I like Jerry. "He's just so damn likeable", that's our phrase.

I had a moment tonight as we motored back to Barraveigh on the dinghy: Sailfest just ended, there are 100 boats anchored all around us, the city lights ring the whole bay and this town has a 3 story law just like Mission Beach. No massive hotels that ruin the skyline and dilute the town with a weekly influx of tourists. The heat and humidity is so high here that travelers are the only traffic you get. This place has charisma. Lots of it. I highly recommend it.

The lifestyle is one of wet butts and night rides on fast dinghies, low to the water. We wave at our small community members all day long, and it's more likely that people will know your boat rather than your name. Most greetings begin with, "Oh I know you! You're on Barraveigh”.

1.) I've always smiled a bit too much but now the good and the bad of it is that it's bleaching my teeth and putting maps on my face.
2.) I'll be 10 years older when this trip is over in 5 years.
3.) I'm tanner than you.
4.) The upholstery panels are peeling off my cabin walls due to the humidity.
5.) There is inch long green shag carpeting on the waterline of the hull. Hot water equals lots of scrubbing.
6.) Jimmy Cliff was right, "You can get it if you really want."

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