Monday, February 20, 2006

San Blas was good. Zeewat was great. Puerto Escondido is the best.

Apparently some movie that was released in Italy 2 decades ago used Puerto Escondido as their setting and so many Italians fell in love with it and actually moved here that this place feels Mediterranean. Playa Zicatela is the beach that has the massive breakers. Here's my confession: Thrice I paddled out and twice I chickened out. Yesterday though, I did drop in on an 8 footer that was barreling along as if it was a run away train heeling off the tracks. I got into it, and I got out of it, and no one got hurt, and no one will ever talk about my performance but - I've now got bragging rights.

Then I went to the point and let all the little Mexican kids snake my waves. As if I had a choice. These kids are so good and smiley and sneaky. The only way I ever get to drop in, is if it's their wave. They don't care. They just whip circles around me. One kid was casting his net from his boogie board and catching 3 - 5 fish with every cast. Right there next to us surfers. So cool. He showed me how he snaps their little necks. Darling child. Then, with one fish between each finger he paddles ashore. He looked like some alien with fish knuckles.

I went to one of the many secluded beaches yesterday and snorkeled and stared at the topless bevy of Norwegian 20 some-things. Then I drank some beer and stared some more. I'm damn near 40. It's time to start staring right? Nah - probably not.

Lots of internationals here, and not just Italians. The Scans play guitar on the beach, The French talk endlessly about the surf, the Aussies drink, and the Brits burn in the sun. It's easy to spot the Aussies cuz they look more SoCal then the Southern Californians.


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