Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Leaving MX

As of today we have spent 3 months in Mexico. It's been beyond fantastic. Today is our last day on land in this amazing country. We've filled our fuel and water tanks, we've provisioned the fridge and pantry, and we've given the old girl a good scrubbing. Everything is tied and double tied down. Our paperwork is all in order. We're ready for the wind but we probably won't get any. The weather reports all say we have a 72 hour window to cross the Tehuanapec. Perfect! We are leaving in a few hours with 2 other boats. We have our communication channels and check in times written and posted. We'll be checking constantly for changes in the weather. Next stop: El Salvador.
I'm sure I'll be bored and will send ample emails. I'm rereading my college philosophy books.

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