Sunday, March 5, 2006

I'm Safe

We ripped a headsail and had to switch to the spare. Bounced around all night in 25-30 knot winds with building seas. Nobody got much sleep. Then we noticed the forward bilge pump light clicking on and off. Seems we are taking on water. Slowly, but enough that we have to use the manual pump for 5 minutes every 60.

Completely exhausted. Haven't seen land in over 3 days and I have another 24 hours to go. We have to cross a sandbar into the bay at high tide so timing is everything since the bar has surfers on it at low tide. Can you imagine that? I'm going to take my boat over a surf break. Crazy. Best of times. Worst of times.

We did manage to land a massive Mahi Mahi. Sashimi immediately, then ceviche once it cooled, then steak fillets and finally grilled bits for fish tacos. Wait till you see these pics.

We just passed from Guatemalan waters to El Salvadoran waters.

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