Thursday, December 8, 2005

Isla San Martin

Our arrival came a day late due to a pressure sender snapping off 2 days ago en route to this island but we fixed it at 2 in the morning as we bobbed around trying to dodge the "mal de mer" (what? You don't speak French. Come on - it's a French boat). Anyway - that was yesterday.

Today may have been a birthday for one of us on this boat but it was death for a few fish. My mates cooked me great meals and we drank wine and rum and now it's time for the white Russians. In between I paddled the red kayak over to the NE side of San Martin while dragging one of the surfboards (Luke/Todd/Adam/Matt - It was the Cheater. Todd - say a few words for Ceddie). Didn't drop in though. Deemed it unsafe due to the snaggletooth rocks peaking up at me. Gorgeous hollow left other than that. The sea lions trailed me the whole way and submerged every time I turned around to look at them.

The guys presented me with a bottle of Bacardi. I guess there are a few hiding spots left on this thing. I didn't have to wash a dish all day (kinda like the Nash years;-) Sorry bro - I'll make it up to you in Greece) If a birthday is a point of reflection then . . . well . . . I have a beautiful view. Thank you all for making this year such an outstanding one. It'll be hard to top. I'll try my best.

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