Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I think the best way for me to give you a look into this life is to mention some of the things that as a recent landlubber I find interesting.

Maxims -
1.) Everything needs a lanyard or it is going to be lost to Neptune
2.) You can wash your hands in salt water (Joy is the only soap that lathers), you can wash your body in salt water, and you can even wash your hair in salt water but don't even think about brushing your teeth in it. Most foul.
3.) Don't ever misplace your headlamp. You become instantly worthless at night without a headlamp.
4.) Make sure the French press is dry because salty coffee is not fantastique
5.) When you jump into water that is over a mile deep you feel like you are on the Jaws movie poster
6.) After dragging dish towels (We've put grommets in all of them) behind the boat for 12 hours we deem them to be clean. Don't question that.
7.) It is a universal certainty that you will catch a fish right after cleaning the cockpit.
8.) When you are more than 25 miles offshore it is not only legal to litter but actually fun (NO PLASTIC THOUGH)
9.) Without the generator running the microwave is just one more storage container
10.) Put on a hat when being boarded by the Mexican Navy. This stuff isn't even hair anymore.

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