Thursday, December 1, 2005

The Dream

In the 90’s I spent a year backpacking in Europe. That experience was the single most defining event in my life. I’ve spent every year since that momentous trip designing my future, so that I could repeat that sojourn on a global level with my bed and all my toys included.

I created a mantra that I chanted on a daily basis. 4 maxims to live by:
  1. Don’t Get Married
  2. Don’t Reproduce
  3. Don’t Get Injured
  4. Don’t Get In Trouble With The Law.
I navigated through those life altering reefs and dodged all those looming icebergs. I MADE IT! I resigned my position, rented my house, sold everything else, and left all that was familiar behind.

It was Dec 1, 2005. I was a naïve American thrusting myself upon the world in a campaign of adventure. I had accepted the grandest challenge I could think of: SAILING AROUND THE WORLD. These are my stories.
(Please come back soon for updates).


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