Thursday, December 29, 2005

I will write your name on a grain of rice

At the end of 1000 desolate miles known as “The Baja” there lies a veritable oasis called Cabo San Lucas. Many of the most enduring human accomplishments have been, simply, things of beauty. Cabo San Lucas is not one of them. It’s allure lies rather in it’s cold beer, throbbing night life, $1 tacos, and easy access to limes, all within feet of cool sand beaches with warm clear water. We stayed for 9 days and 9 nights. Have you been there? Have you seen the yachts anchored right off the beach and wondered what “that” was like? I can now tell you – it was pretty damn good. Perfect location and the anchorage was free.

It was a much needed dose of civilization but fortunately we got over it and went back to sea yesterday (12/28/05) at 11:30 am. We’ve been in transit to Mazatlan for the past 27 hours and will be there in about 6 more. I have flown, taken the train (twice) and soon I can say that I have sailed to Mazatlan. I like the sound of that.

And now for my usual rambling of random notes:

Saw a meteor last night that was so close and bright I thought a helicopter had snapped on their spot light. Very eery.
SPF 15 just isn’t gonna cut it.
I used to eat hot oatmeal on my 2-4 am watch, now I eat cold cereal.
Colin is going to eat his words when he says ice cubes are overrated.
Mexicans are excellent people but why the love affair with clown music?
It’s good to fall in love with the beauty of sailing all over again.
Blonde hair and blue eyes means you have immediate access to any resort pool.
By 10 am it’s so hot that my antiperspirant is calling for reinforcements
Stop signs are merely a suggestion and whoever doesn’t make eye contact has the right of way
When was the last time you didn’t own a car?

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